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Creating meaningful work for our members

At the Mawita'mk Activity Centre, community members do a variety of activities in their work program; from preparing fundraising meals to creating and selling arts and crafts.

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The loss of language and cultural teachings and the many disconnects that were created from the legacy of the residential schools have had a lasting impact on members in our community. Mawita'mk is doing the opposite.

Here, members are learning what it means to be Mi'kmaw. They are re-discovering the history of where we come from and what our ancestors did before colonization.  They are learning the traditional teachings from our Elders. They go to naming ceremonies, sweats and pow wows. They pick medicines in the summer, wash and give them to whoever wants it.

They look for road kill on the mainland to harvest porcupine quills.  They clean and sort them before use.  They collect beach glass.  They harvest birch bark using sustainable practices.  Only harvesting when the lightening bugs are out and only down to seven layers of bark so the tree is not harmed.

Having real work such as this within the community promotes a sense of connection, purpose and meaning.

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Would you to like us to make a presentation to your group or business? Our members are happy to talk about Mawita'mk and Mi'kmaq culture and heritage.

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