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We are a volunteer run registered charitable Mi'kmaq Soceity

Mawita'mk Society -3700

The Board of Mawita'mk is non-political and is made of up of volunteers who are well respected within their communities, many of them Mi'kmaq. Board members come from various community in Unama'ki (Cape Breton Island). We are funded through Indian Affairs and licensed and inspected by the Province of Nova Scotia.


Board Members:

Tom Gunn
Margaret Poulette
Charlotte Poulette
Christine Sylliboy
Karen MacLean
Norma Gould
Rafi Tunbull
Karen Bernard
Leah Doiron
Father Bernie MacDonald
Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy


Rosie Sylliboy
Darlene Ellis
Darren Prosper
Connie Peck
Jessica Bright
Elizabeth Bernard
Shauna MacKinnon
Sheila Johnson

Mawita'mk relies on donations of time, resources, and money to continue its work leading the way in community care for Mi'kmaq people with disabilities. We thank all of those who have helped along the way, and invite you to join us today.

Real Homes

Keeping Mi'kmaq people with disabilities within their own cultural community is at the heart of Mawita'mk. Our group home and assisted living apartments are located in We'koqma'q.

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Real Jobs

Mawita'mk is working to create work that gives meaning and dignity to Mi'kmaq people with disabilities. We wish to provide work to give a sense of purpose to daily life and foster resiliency for aboriginal people with disabilities.

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You Can Help

You can join us to help build a brighter future for Mi'kmaq people with disabilities. We invite you to be part of this exciting project by making a donation. All donations will directly benefit Mi’kmaq persons with disabilities.

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Help us create more opportunities for Mi'kmaq people living with disabilities.

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