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Real Homes Within the Mi'kmaq Community

While the federal government promotes community inclusion and community integration, the level of institutional care for aboriginal people with disabilities has been increasing. Mawitam'k exists to keep people who need supportive services within their own cultural community.

Our Homes In We'koqma'q

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Mawita'mk opened the first community home for aboriginal people with developmental disabilities in Canada in 2007. Ni’kinen is a fun and active place, open to family and friends. Activities include daily household chores, grocery shopping, community events, Powwows, Special Olympics, movies, bowling, summer vacation trips and more. We have programs arranged to enhance academic and life skill development of residents. We know that getting up and going to work gives a sense of purpose to daily life, which is why Mawita'mk is working to create real jobs for members in the community.

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Assisted Living Apartments

We also have four supervised/assisted living apartments for persons with disabilities and/or mental health concerns. These self-contained homes include a kitchen/dining room, living room, bedroom and patio areas. These flexible units allow members to live independently while still be active members of our community. They contribute to the maintenance of the property and are able to join other members for meals, activities and events.

Real Jobs

Mawita'mk is working to create work that gives meaning and dignity to Mi'kmaq people with disabilities. We wish to provide work to give a sense of purpose to daily life and foster resiliency for aboriginal people with disabilities.

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The Board of Mawita’mk is non-political and is made up of Mi’kmaq volunteers who are well respected within their communities. Board members come from various communities in Unama’ki (Cape Breton Island).

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You can join us to help build a brighter future for Mi'kmaq people with disabilities. We invite you to be part of this exciting project by making a donation. All donations will directly benefit Mi’kmaq persons with disabilities.

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