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Our Mission

Mawita'mk ('Being Together') is a volunteer led Mi'kmaq charitable society. We value and support the gifts of people with disabilities and our youth. We strive to see that they receive services and supports within their cultural community.

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Pandemic Resource Guide

In November 2020, the Wabanki Council on Disability and Mawita'mk Society created a Pandemic Resource Guide to assist communities and organizations with pandemic planning.

“If this was your child, who had a disability living at home with you, would you kick them out and ask them to live on their own? Why are you expecting us to do that same thing with kids in guardianship?”


Cultural Teachings

Elders at Mawita'mk

Every week elders visit Mawita'mk to work on special projects and share knowledge with our members. They provide opportunities for healing and growth in our community.


Mawita'mk members keep an active schedule. Between fundraising activities, work, cultural events and sports and recreation, there is never a dull moment! Each month we visit the pool in Port Hawkesbury for some time in the water.

Meaningful Work

Staff and volunteers assist members at Mawita'mk to find meaningful work. Developing new skills and abilities creates a sense of satisfaction, pride, and purpose for all of us.

Mawita’mk Society is a registered charitable society that promotes volunteerism within First Nation communities and celebrates the gifts of aboriginal people with disabilities.


Since 1986 we have been working together as volunteers to provide community based options for Mi’kmaq people with disabilities. In 2001, Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy, Margaret Poulette and Tom Gunn created a not-for-profit Mi’kmaq Organization called Mawitam’k (Being Together).

The Grand Chief and Elders were concerned that aboriginal people who needed community based supports had to leave their cultural community to access services. This added to their disability and increased their sense of isolation. A community of volunteers, support staff, members, partners, family and friends have enabled the dream to have real homes and real jobs for Mi'kmaq people with disabilities to grow.

In April 2007, Ni’kinen House (Our House) was opened in Waycobah First Nation, the first community group home on a Reserve in Canada.

In 2006 we were able to reach an agreement with the Federal Government to construct a community home and supported apartments for Mi’kmaq people with disabilities in We’koqma’q.

We are proud to be a non-political, charitable society that promotes volunteerism and good governance. We are funded through Indian Affairs and other donations and licensed and inspected by the Province of Nova Scotia.

We have developed four supervised/assisted living apartments for persons with disabilities and/or mental health concerns. We can provide community living options for up to 5 people in the supported apartments.
Mawita'mk Society

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Pandemic Resource Guide

The Pandemic Resource Guide was developed in November 2020 by the Wabanaki Council on Disability and Mawita’mk Society. It provides community and organization pandemic planning guide considerations for indigenous persons…


The Family Reconciliation Project will focus on healing amongst IRS Survivors and Descendants in Nova Scotia through the use of intergeneration healing and traditional teachings to help heal the damages…

Mawita’mks Mi’kmaq Monday Language Lesson 1 with Phylis Googoo

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Holidays and travel are highlights in all of our lives. At Mawita'mk, we take members on vacations, so they can enjoy the rewards of exploring new places.

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